Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lil' BabyMoon

Me and Sammy boy took a little baby moon down the coast of California.  We were planning on spending Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara with the Nelson's, so we head down early to celebrate our little dude.  The weather was magical and the drive was beautiful.  We originally wanted to bust out the drive and get to the hotel early so we could explore Morro Bay. Instead we made an adventure of the drive and ended up not arriving til late. It was perfect.

I have a weakness for farmer's/produce markets.  Since it was rainy weather Sam slipped in the barn and squished our avocados, but they were still delicious . . . kind of. Meaning I didn't really wanna eat um cause they looked like throw-up. But I did.

Next we head to Carmel Beach, one of our favorite places.

Then we ran into some elephant seals.  There were hundreds of them covering this random beach along the route. 

"O, Hi Sam."

We found this delicious funky sea food place in Morro Bay.  It was definitely the place to go since every old person within 100 miles seemed to be there.  Seriously packed with oldies (and us).  Also while there, there was these two couples nearby us who kept talking about young women's and church.  Bet they were Mormons.  Silly Mormons, you people are everywhere.

The next day we did some more discovering.  We stopped in Pismo beach and walked out on their pier and then . . . 

we made a new friend.  I think this is the one that will deliver our baby to us.  He seemed responsible.

O bye bye, from me and my umbrella.

2 weeks and 2 days people.  When will he really come? Sam hopes for 12-12-12.

Monday, 18 June 2012

 So, I haven't posted in a while and the excuse is Instagram (an app on Sam's iphone).  It is so much easier and most people have it and it is a lot funner than blogging (in my opinion).  So now I am only uploading this pictures for my own 'journal' keeping. And because Sam has a cool face.
 We celebrated Sam's birthday.  His mom sent him his presents in this box and everyone in the office saw the package before Sam did (he was stuck in a meeting).  He looks like he might be embarassed but I secretly think he appreciated it.

He got more electronics for his birthday.  Cause you can never have enough apple products can you?  I just end up using all his toys though- guess I am really just buying them for me to use. Shh dont tell.

Present from our niece Vivian, she is the thoughtfullest.

I made him a chocolate carmel salted cake.  It was very rich and we ended up throwing most of it away.  I guess we are both use to having to cook for huge families and now just for two people- How do you convert that?!

After a series of bakery jobs, I am now an employee of cornerstone research (company Sam works for).  This is the view of me from Sam's desk.

We pass much of our evening time doing puzzles.  After 3 years of trying I have converted Sam to puzzling! I am beyond happy.  "It's okay Sam, relax.  I won't tell your old football friends you do this."

I attempting to be cool like my mom and I am taking on sewing projects.  Pillows covers and a bed skirt lists my success thus far. 

We got to go watch a Celtics game.  The team the Nelson's are supportive, nay, obsessed with.

Then we got a visit from .  .. . . the cool kids!! Right, I know.  Dal is greatness.

I had a baby ( only for a day though).  And I think I might be able to do it full time sometime!  No promises but at least I have the potential to bake and nurture at the same time.  (okay, the kid looks forgot but I gave him a few licks of the batter.  Shh shh now, you spoiled one.)

We also switched vehicles for a day with our neighors.  Their scooter for our car.  Sweet deal.  We basically spent the whole day out on the scooter.

Sf has sweet cheap fabric stores.

We spent Easter at some cousins out in central California.  It was so nice to have warm weather.  SO nice.

Sam took a needed brothers trip out to D.C.  All they did for. the. entire. trip. was hit baseballs. He was SOOO happy. Weirdo. In a good way.

We celebrated 3 yrs of marriage in a little beach town (santa cruz) down the coast.

We have really been enjoying the foods of SF.  Either we are experimenting with fun new recipes or going to some funky restaurant.

Trying to perfect bagels.  Slowly getting there.  There pretty delicious.

Bryan came into town for Katherine's wedding.  We spent the week baking and seeing the city together.

The bachelorette party was in San Diego and it was pretty fun.  Basically me and Bry hung out in the corner and got drunked.

Then we got a pretty spontaneous visit from Katie and Ryan.  Woot Woot.

Them eating a s'mores twinkie from the food trucks.  Their crazy aliens.  And I love them for it.

We also got a boating weekend, I can't believe how much I miss the warmth!

Our city at it's finest.

We also always have and always will love camping and hiking and exploring.  We try and go often but it is difficult.  Sam spends much effort on perfecting the s'more.  If it isn't roasted to perfect, he starts all over again.

This little island behind us we swam out to (meaning crawled out to since it was basically thick clay). Then spent the next hour rubbing mud from the island all over our bodies.  It was pefectly bizarreness.

 We head home (my home, not Sam's) in 2 days and I couldn't be more excited.