Monday, 22 August 2011

A really long post, full of love

Well, we have began our habitation in San Francisco. Did that make sense? hm. In other words we are moved in. We are slowly aquiring furniture and begining our exploration of the city. Our new friends Katie and John took us to this new spot they found that has an incredible view. We packed our Sunday dinner and went for a picnic a few weeks back.

We unpacked almost all our boxes in a single day since we were having our first guests come and stay with us that night! So excited. The sad news was our couch ended up not fitting into our apartment so we had to sale it and order a smaller one. So our guests ended up spending their week vacation on a wood floor.

The following week we left all together to Bass lake for the big Nelson reunion. It was full or singing, boating/tubing, swimming, eating, an awesome triathlon, volleyball, kayaking, sunburns and lots of fun memories.

Sam has even mastered fishbraiding my hair. Which is awesome because I am sick of my arms going numb.

The first places of the triathlon for the boys, girls (me), and the relay team. (yea, I did put this picture up just to show that I got first place. I was proud okay!)

Our amazing volleyball team.

Cubbie looking amazing as always.

Yea I am freaking amazing at boating.

Then that following weekend after bass lake we had a couple more awesome visitors! Love me some Sista time!

Annie, Jackson, Jamie

Andrea also joined us. Andrea you rock.

Us watching those sloppy seals.

See, nasty. In a good way.

@#*$&O#% China town! It stinks pretty bad.

Of course they wanted to pose next to the most posh theatre in San Francisco. (Sam, actually works with this gay dude who told us even to gay dudes this place is super trashy. It was really funny to hear him talk about it, though.)

Hiding our 6th rider from the cops, good times.

We bought sandwiches at one the best places I have ever had a sandwich and took them to the park and ate them. For dessert we played soccer.

Well before the babes left we went to the top of twin peaks and had a good view of the entire city. It was fun. and cool. And I REALLY wish they lived in the city with me so we could have peeps with us all the time. I miss peeps, but I am obsessed with San Francisco. Seriously though. Who is next to visit me? Come please. Soon.

Monday, 8 August 2011

When Reagan's not around...

I wrote this post a while ago, but forgot to post it:

I was telling a coworker the other day that I'm starting to realize how much I need Reagan as a result of how badly I fall apart when she's not around.

Two examples:

1. See picture. Who knew you could screw up cooking chicken on a George Foreman so badly. I guess I shook the salt shaker a little too hard.

2. Unfortunately I don't have a picture for this one. I drove home from Bass Lake alone because I had to get back to work. Reagan stayed the whole week of course. I got home at about 2am and had to carry a whole bunch of stuff a few blocks to our apartment(parking is horrible by our apartment). One of the things I had to carry was my long board, so I thought I'd free up some arm space by riding the board while carrying several bags. I think I moved about 15 feet before the wheel caught something, I fell forwards, the bags flew everywhere, and the board shot backward down a hill. I immediately popped up and started sprinting down the hill trying to catch the board, which I did after it had passed through a major intersection and slammed into a curb. I collected my things and made my way to the apartment. As soon as I got inside and put down my things, I realized I didn't have my car keys with me. I made my way back up the hills to the spot I had fallen and found my keys lying there. I'm not sure if I laughed or cried myself to sleep that night, but either way it took awhile.

Personal Take-Aways: 1) Don't ride a long board while carrying more than 2 bags. 2) Don't ever do anything by without supervision