Monday, 18 July 2011

I missed you Internet.

Hello, again. It's me Reagan. Yea, I am still alive. So a little update (more for me and Sam and our records). Sam left for San Francisco on the 19th of June and I was planning on staying in Utah for the next 3 weeks while he looked for an apartment and I packed up our stuff. So I spent my time with all my siblings who were in town for the summer. Those few weeks were full of some of my favorite things- family, baking and the sunny outdoors.

Then I got a little surprise. Sam showed up at midnight on the Friday of 4th of July weekend. I don't think I have ever been given such an amazing surprise or ever felt so happy! Me and Leigh just starred at him for the 20 minutes after he arrived. I had 2 weeks without him and that day I had been missing him the most and had told Leigh all about it. It was beyond perfect.

Well, the 4th weekend was awesome and I love it so much when family is in town. Isn't maggie a dream! Her mom Emily busted that outfit out the night before the 4th. It rocks my world. A week later I flew out to San Francisco and since out stuff isn't here yet (and wont be for about another week), me and Sam have been enjoying our time out in the city, cause there is nothing to do at home! We eat dinner on the floor and it makes us happy.

Living in the city is so much fun. Our apartment is walking distance from everywhere. We are just around the corner from H&M and all the great shopping. There is delicious restaurants everywhere and so many new places to explore.

Since I don't have a job yet and am still searching I spend my free time exploring San Francisco, checking out items from my library, and also volunteering on Alcatrez. Every Wednesday and Friday I take a ferry over with the other volunteers and we weed the grounds. I also can explore the island as much as I want for free. It is so fun, I have met so many amazing people.

Artichokes growing on the island. I even met a guy who was there signing books, who grew up on the island (his dad was one of the officers over the prison).

The island is full of flowers from all over the world. Gardening was a big thing on the island for the families and also for some of the prisoners.

A little side note. This male strip club is just down the street from us on our same block, aren't we a lucky pair.

Well we are beginning our culinary quest to eat at all the best restaurants in San Francisco and our first stop was Katana-Ya. It is just a couple blocks from us and is know for its Ramen noodles. Although the line was way too long, it was very delicious.

O and btw I am a Ginger now, and both me and Sam love it. If you can't tell then just picture me red, cause I am.