Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Post in Which I Couldn't Decide, so . . . I Included toooo Many Pictures!

This is where I have been for the last Month and 1/2. I don't know if I might just stop blogging after this, because I am such a pathetic part of the blogging world. Posting every 1 1/2 months? Not acceptable.

So right before we left to Santa Barbara for Christmas we were blessed with two little visitors, Mighty Marissa and Epic Enoch. It was seriously beyond awesome, it was like we were roommates again, only we were allowed to have boys sleepover- so rebellious (please don't tell my mommy).

Then on the 23rd we headed down to Southern California where we would be starting out 2 week vacation. "2 weeks" you ask? How can that not be your not students anymore?

Don't mess with us we are spoiled, okay.

Spoiled because I get to be in the presence of these two crazy beauts.

Christmas time in Santa Barbara is magical/ weird. It was 70+ degree weather the entire week. Also Christmas eve was spent at a Cafe on the beach in the morning, the zoo, and out to dinner for a fancy restaurant. I am use to coldness and coziness indoors ONLY. Both good, both favorites.

Also, during this time we celebrated Kath's Golden 28th birthday. It was a very crazy day filled with fun adventures and a few ups and downs but in the end it all came together with a bang. We were all assigned characters and we put on the show of our lives! K, well not that dramatic, but it was super coolschool.

My Jabberbabywalkie!

Sam loves wine.

Well, that week was awesome. Then on the 31st of Dec. we headed down to L.A. to meet up with my family on the Princess Cruise boat. It was freaky how big those things are.

David loves posing with horses, it is one of his specialties.

It seemed that most people wouldn't go to the clubs at 10pm so we had the dance floor to ourselves before our co-cruisers alcohol would set in.

This is when Sam got to participate in the magic show, he so happy. (P.S. check out how amazing my sock bun is.)

We went to a class that taught us how to make paper carnations, Bryan took it to a whole new level.

Lots of shuffle board.

Thanks for that Sam. It is representative of how we all felt after the cruise.

Seriously, one of the most magical times ever. I ended up going to Oregon last week, last minute. This is the only picture I have of the event. I am wearing my Grandpa's old Norwegian sweater. And Bryan is the size of a newborn next to me. Thanks B.

Lastly, we had Sam's holiday work party last weekend. First time I have seen people I know get drunk. Weird stuff. These people with me didn't get drunk though-just to verify. (they are mormies like me!)

With lots of hugs and kisses.