Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lil' BabyMoon

Me and Sammy boy took a little baby moon down the coast of California.  We were planning on spending Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara with the Nelson's, so we head down early to celebrate our little dude.  The weather was magical and the drive was beautiful.  We originally wanted to bust out the drive and get to the hotel early so we could explore Morro Bay. Instead we made an adventure of the drive and ended up not arriving til late. It was perfect.

I have a weakness for farmer's/produce markets.  Since it was rainy weather Sam slipped in the barn and squished our avocados, but they were still delicious . . . kind of. Meaning I didn't really wanna eat um cause they looked like throw-up. But I did.

Next we head to Carmel Beach, one of our favorite places.

Then we ran into some elephant seals.  There were hundreds of them covering this random beach along the route. 

"O, Hi Sam."

We found this delicious funky sea food place in Morro Bay.  It was definitely the place to go since every old person within 100 miles seemed to be there.  Seriously packed with oldies (and us).  Also while there, there was these two couples nearby us who kept talking about young women's and church.  Bet they were Mormons.  Silly Mormons, you people are everywhere.

The next day we did some more discovering.  We stopped in Pismo beach and walked out on their pier and then . . . 

we made a new friend.  I think this is the one that will deliver our baby to us.  He seemed responsible.

O bye bye, from me and my umbrella.

2 weeks and 2 days people.  When will he really come? Sam hopes for 12-12-12.