Friday, 21 November 2008

Drive Baby Drive!

I have often let my mind wander back to the days when I could fill my car up with gas and still be able to pay for food-in the same week. I know I know we all though that was simply a dream but i am hear to prove it ain't true! This picture is actual evidence of modern day gas prices. We are living in a time when gas is not an extravagance but rather a possibility! What are the odds? I don't even know if i trust it myself and than I look at this picture again and believe. All we need people is a little belief and also a continual drop in our economy.

Masquerade Conclusion

The Masquerade was a success. Friends came, food eaten, dancing done.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Stress of Planning "The" Party

Back when I was chilling in Italy Rachael Dannielle and I planned on having a Masquerade ball the following fall semester (this semester). Well the date has finally come. Today. I should already be in the car driving to prepare the cabin, Rachael won't answer-we have alot to do. I know i shouldn't let these type of things take over my mind and make me want to go run a marathon rather than plan one more part but i just cant stand it when things aren't planned just right. We are having a chocolate fountain and yesterday we spent three hours shopping for the right dippers for a chocolate fountain without knowing what amount and what kind of chocolate to buy. There is also the chore of inviting people and than hearing a few say "sorry i can't come, you should have told me earlier" when I had being telling people since august (do they want a year's notice?). The other stressful aspect of creating the perfect masquerade is the outfit. If you are going to be the host you cant show up in your sunday casual and your dollar store mask, you have to be the hot one on the floor (if you know what i mean.) If any of you have seen The Phantom of the Opera you easily notice the important characters because of their intense outfits. I have to be that character. Wow it sure feels good to vent like this. Thanks!! Pictures of the event to come-unless it is a total flop of course!