Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bite of Seattle!

This week I realized that we have only 3 weeks left in Seattle, and I panicked a little bit. I lived the Seattle area for 12 years, but barely got to experience the bajillion things that make it the city it is, so Reagan and I are making darn sure we get to see all we can. This weekend's featured event: Bite of Seattle

Each summer all the crazy foodies of Seattle come set up a booths and showcase what makes them famous. Among the showcased was Mighty-O's doughnuts, which is on the list of top ten doughnut shops in the country (we've now been to 3 of the 10).

Another favorite was Outback Jack's Australian Road Kill Grill. Normally I would advise against eating anything with Roadkill in the name, but I made an exception.

MaxiMus MiniMus wins the award for the best food truck ever, though the pig-themed truck didn't quite convince us to eat there.

And of course, what would the event be without a few ridiculously cool cover bands, and weirdo's dancing to their music. (I couldn't figure out how to flip the video, sorry)

I think the jean jacket is coming back... you'll see.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Fourth and Much More you Fools!!

We definitely have had an adventurous couple of weeks so far, out here in the Northwest. We spend Independence weekend with my extended family in Portland. We ate too much, laughed to much, created way too many good memories and inhaled too many voodoo donuts- we are pretty much perfect, what can I say?

Sam was continually volunteering to make s'mores, since that night he was definitely on his A-game with the whole "roasting mellows" gig (which just happen to be his favorite food.)

Katie and Ryan were the hosts of this magical evening. They basically took me and Sam on several wonderful adventures in the span of the weekend-river rafting, hiking, basketball and mo'.

Kelsey and Crew joined us for the night and as always their kids where so fun to have around.

The next day (the 5th) Sam didn't have work (THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE!!!!) so all of us went on a leisurely hike around Silver Falls.

Then then next week Katie, Ash and Aubs came and spend some time on my turf. You know since I have been living here 2 weeks now- It is definitely my turf.

We even got to meet up with Sam in Pike Place Market after a business lunch. Isn't he just dapper. I am his nose picking wife (come on now!)

That weekend Sam and I celebrated being successful finished with 6 weeks of his internship. We went canoeing on Lake Washington. Then went shopping to H&M and ate one of our favorite desserts Red Mango.

The next day we went and visited his home town. The B-town Bothell. I was able to meet some old friends, neighbors, and I even got to see his old home, but only through bars of an iron clad fence (they had changed the home alot.) My favorite part was going to the local fruit market where all his siblings had worked in high school, well that was until the younger siblings had deemed that job unacceptable, socially. (ask Katherine Nelson)

Then Sunday we took a long nap, played games and ate dinner on the beach and came back home to have a fanciful dessert of Oreos and milk on our deck.

Life is good people, Life is good. Now I desperately need to go catch up on Bachelorette . . . What will happen next?!