Thursday, 19 August 2010

How Seattle Went Down (our last moments)

LDS Mariners night with Seattle cousins

BBQ at some friends who happened to live close and had the most killer view

Free kissing lessons downtown. . . I'm in!!

Sam purchased me some fresh flowers from Pike Place Market

Spending time with family

Almost every night we watched the sunset

Feeding my friends' turtle

Me and Sam are attempting to hit up the top 10 donut places in the USA, ranked by Bon Appetite. We are officially 1/2 way done.

We would go check out homes and this one was one of my favorites. So cute!! I know you agree. I just know it.

Leigh and Ali come up to visit and we went blueberry picking.

We went Kayaking a couple times. This one was with Sara Argyle.

We had a last FHE with some couples from Sam's old ward that he grew up in. I learned a lot about Sam's Seattle life and how much the Nelsons impacted that ward.

These are the sexy wives of those old dudes.

Us girls went to Port Townsend to set Leigh up in her little apartment. Lots of cleaning to do.

Then we went to Victoria, BC for a day. Hello BC parliament.

Another beautiful sunset.

On our boat ride to Victoria Aly was accusing Leigh of have probably 18 lipsticks in her purse. So Leigh took them out to count them and we found out there were exactly 18.

Empress Hotel in Victoria with our sexy (and single ;) ) model Leigh Lauren Brown

Buchart Gardens in Victoria.


One last Kayak adventure.

The troll under the bridge.

We went out to Sushi our last night in Seattle with Leigh and Aly. Leigh was looking over the bar to see the chef at work and just happened to dip her hair in this little candle. Her hair caught on fire and the half the restaurant reeked like burnt hair. We were all laughing so hard. Leigh reeked for a couple days after the event.

My last view of my city.

Just a little glimpse for those interested in what a miraculous beauty can be created when I pose with flowers.