Saturday, 30 October 2010

A True Story

This is the story of a bunch of kids out looking for mischief.

So this is how they found it . . .They got into matching uniforms, and went out looking for something . . . not knowing exactly what this something was.

They saddled up on their long boards, hoping to cover more ground in their search.

But some of them weren't equipped to use such intense means of travel.

But before they had gotten really anywhere at all, they discovered what needed to be done in order to create the perfect mischief.

So they quietly (Shh, quietly Devin!), snuck up on their victim.

(The Victim)

And they attacked. I know it's epic. Please don't ask why there was about 50 couches in our parking garage. But you are welcome to ask who came up with the brilliant idea to cover the beautiful Mazda (the owner of the car is unknown).

And to celebrate they ate homemade, stabbed, delicious caramel apples.

Creepy Sam.