Monday, 12 September 2011

The post in which we smile alot.

So, a couple of weeks a go we went river rafting with Sam's company. It was da bomb. Lots of pushing in the water, giggling, singing and other weird stuff. Sadly, the only proof I have of the event is the picture featured below. Just accept it.

Appreciate me.

Hate me, love me.

Then the following weekend we met up with my family who was staying in L.A. While Sam spent the Friday working in the L. A. office I spent the day at Disneyland( Didneyland, as my dad made us pronounce it all day) with Leigh and my Dad. My dad happens to be the best disneylander I have ever seen- he doesn't get worn out and he makes about 400 new friends by the end of the day.

Thanks dad for existing.

We stayed for the fireworks show and then did some more rides after. We didn't leave the park til the doors were closing.

The following morning we headed to Santa Barbara to meet up with all the Nelsons at the beach. What! I love them folk. They crwazy.

Then we all headed up to San Francisco, before we went to Portland the following weekend for a boss wedding. Since they came to my new home town, I took them to some of my favorite places. The first one being a focacceria (probably the only one in CA) in little Italy.

Lombard St.

Then the ever so amazing and shocking- Chinatown. Yes, this is a truck full of chickens. Ready to be defeathered and hung in the nearby window.

Chinatown reeks . . . lots of reeking.

I feel like my mom has a half Asian heart. She is always her most naturalist when she is battling with Asians for dumplings or some other weird food.

Lots of weird dried things that I have never heard of, or never really want to.

Then before we headed up to Portland some of Sam's family came up to San Francisco for a night. I like having people come be with us.

Grandma's house!!!!!

I finally got to see these punks whom we haven't seen all summer!!!!!

Portland always means . . . hard core cousin time!!!!!

My mom always finds the most amazing treasures at thrift stores in Portland- Belt. (thanks B)

Three generations of crazy awesome.

Best friend, Beau.

I barely saw Sam this weekend he was to busy hanging out with his new girlfriend, August.

After the wedding celebrating- we did the thing we do best in Portland. Swimming and night games. We started early and ended late. It was beyond perfect.

I love Oregon. I love family. But I am happy to return home to normalish life.