Monday, 7 December 2009

My B-day 4Rizzle

"Welcome to New York. Walk with me as I show you how we celebrated my birthday."

"I think the majority of our money was spent at Zabar's (my favorite specialty grocery store.)
After some artichoke dumplings and chocolate crossiants, we headed back out onto the streets."

"We meet some interesting people along the way. No words we spoken between this woman and us, but we knew she wanted to be part of our world. Who wouldn't? For heaven sakes, I am married to mr. GQ here."

"Well, sometimes he's GQ. Other times he is . . . different."

"On our way to see wicked!! Trying to make up for last picture. Hm."

"Da, da, da, dah! Love, laughter, evilness . . .and WICKED!!"

"Mr. GQ enjoying Halloween Night in NYC. Not a safe scene."

"My birthday month has finally approached. I welcome it with open arms."

" And then try to seduce the month into my full power."

"But then mr. GQ jumps in the shot and total 'out seduces me'." JERK

"Another brilliant move by Mr. GQ."



Whitlie said...

You two definitely look good on the east coast, but I vote it's about time that you come home!

Hannah said...

Oh, Reagan, you are just so darling!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

Reagy! are you living in nyc now? or was it a visit? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Katherine said...

Awesome. Sam looks rad in those "GQ" pics.

Callie and Tyler said...

Yahoo for blogs and being blog friends. Love your face

him & her said...

you two are too good looking to live anywhere, and you have offically seen wicked way to many times as I am still at 0....where is the justice?

Jeff and Jill said...

wow, these pics are so funny. We miss you guys and hope you are well!