Thursday, 10 June 2010

ME right now

Right now my life is consumed with thoughts and plans of Dylan +

Bryan =


And also things are constantly reminding me of how much I miss this hairy beast.


Dev and Laur said...

yours and mine both. all i ever think about is their wedding colors and wedding dress designs. And how B is going to become a woman. It is all too much to handle yet too much THE BEST. We should get together and talk about it, without B, of course. Because she doesn't have time to think about her wedding, she only have time to worry about look great for a MONTH IN EUROPE.

Jourdan said...

I think we are all missing something.
ok, we'll leave that for Europe. BUt if she comes home without it, he's fired.

Also, I was just noticing how cute both your kids are going to be. the pairs you guys make!? I mean, look how much richer B's eye's are than the mud surrounding it. Good thing you can say they're not the color of MUD!

ANd I like me some hair on my beast as well. Sex-ee.