Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bite of Seattle!

This week I realized that we have only 3 weeks left in Seattle, and I panicked a little bit. I lived the Seattle area for 12 years, but barely got to experience the bajillion things that make it the city it is, so Reagan and I are making darn sure we get to see all we can. This weekend's featured event: Bite of Seattle

Each summer all the crazy foodies of Seattle come set up a booths and showcase what makes them famous. Among the showcased was Mighty-O's doughnuts, which is on the list of top ten doughnut shops in the country (we've now been to 3 of the 10).

Another favorite was Outback Jack's Australian Road Kill Grill. Normally I would advise against eating anything with Roadkill in the name, but I made an exception.

MaxiMus MiniMus wins the award for the best food truck ever, though the pig-themed truck didn't quite convince us to eat there.

And of course, what would the event be without a few ridiculously cool cover bands, and weirdo's dancing to their music. (I couldn't figure out how to flip the video, sorry)

I think the jean jacket is coming back... you'll see.


Jourdan said...

Didn't you know? The jean jacket has already been "in" for at least three seasons.

Get with it, samalamadingdong.

Miss you guys!

Katherine said...

Seattle is the BEST!