Monday, 6 June 2011

The Story of Sam Nelson's Hair

It had its good days, it had its bad days. There were feminine days, there were masculine days. It made us all smile, it made us all cry. But one thing is for sure, I will never forget that hair. I cry a little everytime I think it is gone. I know some of you couldn't see the beauty in that large party, but I am sure you would have if you had gotten the opportunity to run your fingers through it-like I got to everyday.

Why did you have to leave me, I'll never forget you!


Katherine said...

haha... such a lovely story. I hope it comes back again someday.

Christa said... it's all gone. he still looks good though Reags. Don't cry. I'm sure it will grow back. :)

kim said...

I miss it already

Jane Ann Fosson said...

I love this post! And I loved Sam's hair. I am going through withdrawals over here. How 'bout we just plan another 4 month vacation to Europe and we can all grow our hair out! Deal.

Bryan said...

and sometimes McNasty.
good times