Monday, 8 August 2011

When Reagan's not around...

I wrote this post a while ago, but forgot to post it:

I was telling a coworker the other day that I'm starting to realize how much I need Reagan as a result of how badly I fall apart when she's not around.

Two examples:

1. See picture. Who knew you could screw up cooking chicken on a George Foreman so badly. I guess I shook the salt shaker a little too hard.

2. Unfortunately I don't have a picture for this one. I drove home from Bass Lake alone because I had to get back to work. Reagan stayed the whole week of course. I got home at about 2am and had to carry a whole bunch of stuff a few blocks to our apartment(parking is horrible by our apartment). One of the things I had to carry was my long board, so I thought I'd free up some arm space by riding the board while carrying several bags. I think I moved about 15 feet before the wheel caught something, I fell forwards, the bags flew everywhere, and the board shot backward down a hill. I immediately popped up and started sprinting down the hill trying to catch the board, which I did after it had passed through a major intersection and slammed into a curb. I collected my things and made my way to the apartment. As soon as I got inside and put down my things, I realized I didn't have my car keys with me. I made my way back up the hills to the spot I had fallen and found my keys lying there. I'm not sure if I laughed or cried myself to sleep that night, but either way it took awhile.

Personal Take-Aways: 1) Don't ride a long board while carrying more than 2 bags. 2) Don't ever do anything by without supervision

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Bryan said...

good one. Glad you refound it.