Thursday, 12 June 2008

The 3rd Birthday Party

But this birthday party was my favorite, more of a all day long party. After church the boys invited Ray, Dani and I over to watch a movie. They fed us some snacks (ritz, bread, juice) while Tommy made his own birthday cake. Than we pushed the guys beds together and watched the Ultimate Gift. I slept. Than we went over to the red-heads apartment (the two red head girls in our group live together so basically they are seen as one person.) and they made us dinner. We made homemade pesto!! I know it was amazing. I learned it at work. Don’t worry I am not done. Than we all went back to the guys apartment and had the cake. Sadly people didn’t show up until ½ late so the five of us there sang to Tommy and ate his cake (he cut his own cake). So he decided he only has 5 true friends. Count on me to always be on time when there is food involved.

O and that picture Erin is holding up is one that I colored for her cause I love her.

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Lace said...

Aww you slept through the Ultimate Gift? Its such a good movie. We will have to watch it when you get back