Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Titanic in Sicilia

Sadly on the way home we had a titanic experience. We were on the fairy from Sicilia to the main land and I was accompanying Caitlin to the bathroom. After about three minutes of waiting for her to come out a heard a serious door jiggling and than a “Reagan?.” At first she accused me of holding the door (like I would ever do that) and than we both realized she seriously could not undo the lock. Would stood in panic and had many failed attempts for about ten minutes and than is when I ran for help. Boy who cried wolf. I ran to all my friends on the top deck and told them the dramatic news. Only 2 believed me and followed but on our way to the bathroom she was walking our way. Great now I look like an idiot. But she backed me up and told them we were sure the ship was going to sink and she would have died a toilet death, always go to the extreme in possibilities. We are all grateful Caitlin is still with us today.

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