Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Power of Missionary Work

Every week when i check my email i normally receive any where from 1 -6 emails from different mothers updating me on their missionary. This week i read an email from a friend serving in the South Africa Misison, he is very musically gifted and quite brilliant. He just recently wrote a poem that I think it pretty beautiful and I wanted to share it:

From under His continual gaze,
I pause and lift my weary head.
Confused, but yet not truly phazed,
I contemplate the blood he shed.

A sacrifice so full of grace
springs from a life lived perfectly.
Our Savior came to set the pace
and beckons now, "Come Follow Me."

I know, yet I obscure the path.
Why do I place my faith in men?
Resolved, refreshed, and realigned,
I raise my head and start again.

Elder Roper


Lace said...

It WAS a beautiful poem. I love getting e-mails from missionaries mom's. Actually that reminds me, are you still getting Elders of Isreal newsletter? I haven't gotten one in months. Are they still doing it?

Reags said...

Yea i was wondering the same thing. I haven't gotten a newsletter in a while. I am thinking she has stopped

Katie said...

Hey this might seem kinda weird, but I have found your blogs through somehow. Anyway, I received the newsletter at the beginning of this month. I was wondering if you wanted me to email it to you (granted I will need your email address). I apologize if this seems stalkerish. Just let me know if you want me to forward it to you...
-Katie Bailey

Reags said...

HEY KATIE!! your the best ever!!please send it to me

Whitlie said...

Dear Reagan,

I know that you were tempted to post on my blog without my permission--I saw the evidence. But, I can promise you with all my heart that I will once again post after this Saturday when I have time to live.

Whiskey Pete