Wednesday, 10 September 2008

True Love

I am super excited because 80's style is now IN style. I just love putting on those bright colors, walking onto campus and seeing fellow students flaunting the same brilliant colors. I have even gotten some looks from other students and their face is basically telling me, "i choose to respect your clothing options although i have no desire to wear salmon colored pants." I have learned alot from my retro cousin Taylor and with her help have just recently acid washed a pair of normal cute jeans. They are now a blotchy bleached pair of sassy pants. Yesterday I was even told i looked like this girl in the band Love You Long Time, honestly i think there is no similarity except for the fact that we both were purple jeans. But if that is how my peers chose to see me so be it.

1 comment:

Lace said...

You and your 80's clothes have always been in style. Thats for sure.