Sunday, 15 June 2008

Ultimo Sabato

So for our last Saturday in Siena together we decided to have our own Palio. For those of you who dont know what the palio is i will explain. It is a famous horse race run every July 2 in the heart of Siena. Siena is divided into areas called contradas that each have their own symbol. My contrada is the Tartuga (turtle). Well for our last saturday together Danielle and I planned a sweet ultimate day. First of all i planned we would have our own Palio. We first drew the jockies than the jockies drew their horses. I happened to be a horse. We than all headed the the Piazza (the place where everyone just chills in Siena). We saddles up and than began our piggy backing around the must public place in Siena. All eyes were on us (no seriously i think we were entertaining nations). Dont worry I came in as a strong third. Which is good since Second is considered the losing position in the Palio. Many of 2nd places are beaten up after the Palio-no joke. But i have to admit in our Palio there was alot of cheating and falling and a little blood. In these pictures i have my warrior face and we also had a picture with an old man who was telling us that we were doing our race all wrong and proceeded to demonstrate how it should be done.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

We have now taken our last day trip to Florence. This time we got to see the Uffizi but sorry to say I think the most of us are historically arted out. So a lot of market shopping commenced that day. Plus some eating, being caught in a freak rain storm, buying sweet ray-bands, and other important Italian life aspects. O yes and many of the girls invested in leather jackets. I on the other hand bought beer bottle cap earing-see where the difference in priorities lye?

Last Cooking Class

Our final cooking class was a hoot! We made my favorite recipe of the whole trip, this focaccia bread. It may look simple but don’t be fooled it WILL change your life (that was said more like a command.)


We get these cook aprons to decorate each cooking class. Mine normally has some cool drawing that astounds the Italian chefs we work with.

My Morning Adventures

O don’t worry this just happens to be the place I work every day. And I probably shouldn’t call it work since I just learn cool recipes and get free food. Today I got to make a celery pesto, on my own. These gardens are actually a place for mentally ill to stay and work. It is really enjoyable to be with them. I have lots of new Italian friends now (even if they don't ever remember my name).

The 3rd Birthday Party

But this birthday party was my favorite, more of a all day long party. After church the boys invited Ray, Dani and I over to watch a movie. They fed us some snacks (ritz, bread, juice) while Tommy made his own birthday cake. Than we pushed the guys beds together and watched the Ultimate Gift. I slept. Than we went over to the red-heads apartment (the two red head girls in our group live together so basically they are seen as one person.) and they made us dinner. We made homemade pesto!! I know it was amazing. I learned it at work. Don’t worry I am not done. Than we all went back to the guys apartment and had the cake. Sadly people didn’t show up until ½ late so the five of us there sang to Tommy and ate his cake (he cut his own cake). So he decided he only has 5 true friends. Count on me to always be on time when there is food involved.

O and that picture Erin is holding up is one that I colored for her cause I love her.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Mari Scary Ann

this birthday party was a serious festa. Marianne, the girl in blue, is kind of everyone’s favorite. She is the type of girl who hates certain types of people and would actually make a hate list. I don’t think I am on her hate list, yet-I do tease her excessively. She actually is already making a wedding invite list and I am at the top (she hasn’t found the guy yet.)


This week we celebrated three birthdays, one of the birthdays happen to be celebrated in a dungeon. The basement of one of the apartments even had this jail cell that me and Cameron are locked in. Hmm interesting. Also this specific night we ended up playing an 1 ½ hour game of Mafia, it was intense! My professor was getting real into it, and it think we might have even had some hurt feeling afterward. I don’t think that game will be played again this Study abroad.

My Welcome Home

After my arrival home from sicilia I was given a warm welcome home from the pigeons and yes, they gave me one of their unique little presents-poop. Try and find it? When I told my posy they informed me that it is considered good luck and we actually have a pigeon poop group in our SA. I am the newest member.

Titanic in Sicilia

Sadly on the way home we had a titanic experience. We were on the fairy from Sicilia to the main land and I was accompanying Caitlin to the bathroom. After about three minutes of waiting for her to come out a heard a serious door jiggling and than a “Reagan?.” At first she accused me of holding the door (like I would ever do that) and than we both realized she seriously could not undo the lock. Would stood in panic and had many failed attempts for about ten minutes and than is when I ran for help. Boy who cried wolf. I ran to all my friends on the top deck and told them the dramatic news. Only 2 believed me and followed but on our way to the bathroom she was walking our way. Great now I look like an idiot. But she backed me up and told them we were sure the ship was going to sink and she would have died a toilet death, always go to the extreme in possibilities. We are all grateful Caitlin is still with us today.

End of Siracusa

After the day we spent caves skaplunking or however you call it, the girls took a little skinny dip in the Mediterranean Sea. It was actually quite enjoyable and pleasant. We felt like a bunch of old woman that go and tread for an hour each day to keep their heart rates up.