Thursday, 9 July 2009

I'm Brilliant

I have recently come to the conclusion that I married a closet Male Model. It took me a while to discover the news but after extensive research and many moments of "checking him out" I have decided he is keeping a great secret from me.
1. He leaves at noon and doesn't return til 11, sometimes 12 at night. He tells me he is out selling door to door, but excuse me those hours seems like the perfect time for modeling and a quick drink afterward with hotties. He even has an outfit to fake people out on the whole "sales man" routine.
2. I always catch him posing, and he seems to flex for me alot-normal, I think NOT!
3. Some of my friends tell me he looks like a celebrity. They can never exactly pin point which one it is, and now I am realizing they are mistaking him for himself (that famous unnamed male model!) betrayal!
4. He is always checking out his body in the mirror, I catching myself checking out his body as well- male models always draw the womens' eyes.
5. Whenever we are outside it seems that his shirt is always quickly removed, especially when we are at the pool and playing volleyball. Perfect time for all the other men to be intimidated, on the volleyball court. Pathetic.
6. He wears purple-dead give away.

If you have any ideas how I am to confront him about this please let me know.


Bryan said...

why do you think my lips were so attracted to him?

Marissa Mills said...

reagan, you kill me- I love this post and miss you both even more

Katherine said...

Bryan, thats gross... that is an interesting theory, Reagan. With some of the things that you have mentioned, especially the "checking himself out," I wouldn't be surprised if all the brothers in my family were male models... they are so often drawn to mirrors, windows, and the refection in other people eyes... it makes sense.

Kylee said...


oh reagan..

i think its cool that you are married to a model.. i mean come on. i am married to a hobo...

Darci said...

I have to say -- Katherine has a good point. I think the Nelson men do seem a little too drawn to the mirrors. Hmm, maybe they're butt models because that's what they're always looking at.

weslie said...

hahah im laughing my butt off! its true i think he is one too