Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hello and Goodbye

That has basically been the motto of our trip. We meet new people we are staying with, or see people we haven't seen for a very long time and then a day later we are saying goodbye. Our last weekend in Europe was that same way. We spent it with Sam's cousin and his wife, Ben and Kasie, who are living near Venice on the air force base. Even though it was sad to say goodbye, the weekend was perfect!

The weekend started out with us ordering "the best pizza in town" and going out to the local hot spot . . . Go Cart Racing! When your a little town like Aviano, Italy, it is easy to have the best pizza and be the local hot spot. The pizza was huge though. (just like Sam's muscles, hehehe).

We look so good in uniform.

These things went so fast, it was kind of freaky.

I was sooooo good at it. (yea I didn't even get a placement that is how good I am.)

This is us not being allowed on base while they went and got the AMERICAN groceries for our hike that day.

Okay, so that is the view outside their back window and that is the mountain we decided to climb. It had no switch backs only a path straight up.

Here are a few shots from our awesome hike. It really was so fun and beautiful. There is something special about being with family and no journey across the world can replace it.

Italian Alps

Then on our way down we decided to not take a path but go our own way. DUMB BUMS. 10 minutes into our descent it started to rain, then pour, and then hail. It was actually kind of amazing. The problem was there was a ravine on both sides of our "path" and the mountain was getting slippery.

After about 2 hours we eventually found our way to the bottom with only a million mud stains but no broken bones (which we were all a bit worried we would end up having).

We are excited to see them again at Bass Lake!

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Katherine said...

That is so perfect you got to see Ben!!!