Sunday, 1 May 2011


Hi, Hows it going? We went to Florence. We have both already been to Florence, but we still thought it was pretty and stuff. We only looked at a few sights and then we headed straight to the market. I love the Florence market. You don't really hear any Italian in that market. Only English, and other language that sound like baby talk to me, but for some reason people understand them (I think).

We got a few cool purchases at the market.

Sam went around bartering for a sweet belt because he wanted one to match his new italian leather . . .


This was my saving grace that day. It is everyday. Actually about twice everyday.

I feel like if he can do stuff like this, he probably could get a sweet job somewhere and not have to do chalk on the streets. But maybe he likes drawing on the sweets, maybe he feels like it challenges himself? I didn't ask him, so I can't tell ya.

Ponte Vecchio.

Reagan+ Sam+ Ponte Vecchio=

Cool Italian with crazy red curls. Yes, they were natural- and Yes, he was Italian- and Yes, he did look like one of Sam's friends back from Seattle.

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Jane Ann Fosson said...

Hey, I went to Florence once! It's where I got my leather bag. I'm glad you guys had such a fun trip. You are living a dream. Yay for living your dreams, and for coming home and telling me about them. Love you!