Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How Come?

It is not that I don't like posting, it is just that I don't always wanna do it and most of the time I don't like it.

But since I am enjoying looking through my pictures right now I would like to share a few. So lately me and Sam have started making some good friends, Yea!!! But I still really wanna find a good buddy. A girl in the ward I can just go over and visit whenever and call her whenever. Sadly, the only girl that I am pretty close with lives all the way down in San Jose. So we tend to go down there about once or twice a month. And we usually end up playing croquette or having some cooking adventure. How come having a good friend is the best?

How come family is even the bestest and makes me cry tears of laughter? ( I got to go home for a weekend for my cousin's wedding and it was like magic being with all my favorites)

How come when I am around L and B I tend to think everything is funny and Sam never quite understands the humor in it? (I guess that is how I feel when I am around him and Fred)

How come Jenny is so pretty?

How come when Jourdan and Rod pose together they look amazing?

How come when Jenny and Chase pose together I am a little creeped out but at the same time enchanted?

How come these newly weds are the best, in the worst/best way?

How come we all aged so well?

I love my cousins way more than people can comprehend!! How come?

How come my sisters are magic?

Why is it that when we go to something fancy (like a luncheon at the Grand America) we spend the majority of our time dancing in the bathroom and wondering why my mom is so creepy?

How come when we are at said elegant place we think it is okay to pour something that looks like electric pee into our fancy cups, stuff all the chocolates in our pockets so they are bulging, make lots of loud noises and pass around papers, when we should be crossing our feets and handies and smiling o so perfectly? (How come after this wedding my mom wanted to have an FHE on manners- even though she has 6 adult children she still feels that way?)

How come this baby is too cute for words?

How come my husband is so hott? (Yea, I use double t's, meant to.)

This are the questions I ponder at night.


Lauren and Devin said...

you've left me with a lot to think about. thank you.

Whitlie said...

You still haven't called me...like you said you were going to when you wanted to chat. Let's face it Reags, I can't be replaced!! p.s. I LOVE your mom in all of these pictures. It made me think of her saying "Whitlie!" in a teen girl squad voice as you carried her up the stairs. I miss you.

Bryan said...

best post eba. But seriously, how fancy are we?

Jane Ann Fosson said...

I needed to see this. I miss you, and I'm even more sad I missed your call. I really miss you. Did I mention I miss you? I need some girls in my life too. So sad. Missing Missing Missing you. Missing you. So sad. Okay, I think that is established. Did I mention I miss you?!

Katherine said...

Obsessed with everything about you. Listen, I'll be your girlfriend! I'll move there and become your next door neighbors so we can hang always.

Btw, I can't get over your face on the tower of terror ride...SO AMAZING!

love and guts

Katherine said...
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becca said...

How come you look so good in all these photos?
How come I get so excited when you finally post?
How come I know that you will always have some great great captions to your photos?

Nick and Kate said...

Sam is brad pitt, but cooler, in that last pic.

Nick and Kate said...

oh... sorry I posted twice (now three times). I say weird stuff...

Anonymous said...

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