Monday, 14 November 2011

My O So Special Bird Day

I would have posted about this way long ago but I couldn't find a way to upload all my awesome pictures. But now I have them and now I am sharing them. Looking at them makes me happy all over again.

Before I talk about the bird day I just wanted to share a few pictures from our October month.

Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Mac and Cheese in the Half Moon Bay harvest festival.

Anyways for my birthday I was able to work the morning shift (5:30am-2pm) so I could have the afternoon for myself. Celebrating at work consisted of a delicious cake, being covered in whip cream, a rap song sung by a fellow co-worker, flowers from another co-worker, lots of weirded out customers, and Sam and his co-workers coming into my work and all singing me happy birthday.

Afterwards I went home to enjoy a nap before Sam got home. I came home to a clean apartment that was wonderfully decorated!! When Sam got home we decided to take the cable car (first time for the both of us. Also did you know the cable car is the only mobile national monument?) We took it over to the marina.

We brought our rollerblades and longboard and we rolled along the marina.

Then we went out to dinner at this amazing Mexican restaurant.


When we got home. I had to go to the bathroom ubbbbeeeerrrr bad! So as I was sitting on the toilet with the door open (obviously), I thought I heard noises in my apartment. Good thing I had a bunch of friends hiding in my apartment while I was sitting bear bummed on the toilet. Anyways besides that awesome moment, the night was quite pleasant full of games and laughing and of course presents!

Then that weekend we went and played croquette on the beach with some friends. It was so beautiful!

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Jane Ann Fosson said...

What an epic birthday! Just when I think you can never do any better, you (and Sam--coming with all your co-workers AND a surprise party?! How amazing!) do even better. I'm so glad your special day was awesome, and that no one saw you on the pot. I love your hair color too! Thanks for posting you 24 year old.