Monday, 28 April 2008

April 26th
So me and whitlie's flight left at 12:45 to a connecting flight through Houston. We knew Jane ann and Gabe were flying international as well (on their way to Mexico). So we wanted to call them and say our goodbyes at the airport, since Jane Ann was originally suppose to join us on this adventure (she was suppose to go to France). The thing is they had a connecting flight as well, through Houston, leaving at 12:45, we had the same connecting flight. So i guess i can say i have already been on a honeymoon, with whitlie and Jane Ann. Jane Ann and Gabe happened to be sitting the row behind us! what are the odds!! So as we were getting on the plane Gabe whispered in my ear, "Reagan you know why were behind you right? Just don't turn around. I think i threw up. So i guess Jane Ann did kinda come on our adventure with us and we on hers. scandel . . .

April 27th
So our next flight was 9 1/2 hours. WOOT!! lots of diversity on this plane. And i have a weird confession, i like plane food. Anyways so me and whit were sitting next to a man from Nigeria. We wantedbadly to be his friend, he didn't care much for us. We couldn't really sleep on that flight but i got to watch a few movies, i love movies!!! Okay so when we were getting on of the plane i swear with all my heart that the Weasley brothers were behind us. Let my paint the picture for you. They were both red heads, with thick english accents, and both were lanky with whiny voices (well mostly the older one was whiny and a bit of a grump all morning). I think they were in a band together cause they both had their guitars with them. So in their thick accents this is the majority of their conversation: (please read aloud with accent)
Fred-"did you call mom and dad?"
George(he is the one with the whiny voice) "no my battery is dead i will call them when i can get a new phone."
Fred-"are you going to be a grump all morning?"
George "No just until i can get away from you."
-" I dont care if i see you til thursday."
Fred "You could go to 'ell for all i care. I dont care if i see you until thursday either but i will have to see you before that because we have to practice on tuesday."

I miss them!
Whitlie than leaned to me and said, "I think they are having a bit of a tiff.

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