Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Yesterday Whit, Alex, Connor, and I set out to see London. We first spotted Big Ben followed by Parliament, and than took a break at Westminster Chapel. We visited George V and Oliver Cromwell, neither greeted us very friendly but we paid our dues and did not take offense. We than moved on to more welcoming areas of London. We took Whitlie to see her future Palace (she believes her calling is to be the next queen of England.) We finished up our days travel by visiting Notting Hill and attempting to find Herod's (an amazing shopping mall only for the highest class.) Yet I think the best part of the day was the night when Whitlie, Janae and I talked for about four hours and i got to here my aunt's opinions on religion and her personal religious views. It was one of the most interesting experiences and I can attempt to say I understand her reasoning.

The following day was mainly shopping and realizing that being London is being wealthy. I totally blend in! nope. Let me add that the Victoria Albert Museum is totally Posh. I spent about two hours there today and boy, is there a lot more to see! It is amazing what history lies in such a small area, and how awful/intriguing fashion was back in the day!! Now after all that education i sit at my computer indulging myself in chocolate and reflecting upon my day, trying to decide what Broadway i plan to see this week.

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