Monday, 28 April 2008

April 28th
I was woken this morning with screams of bloody murder. So on the flat above us is another professor for UVSC with her 12yr old daughter Maranda. Well all of us in flat 4 found out this morning she is a bit dramatic. Both my aunt and her mother left early to go pick up their students. Maranda just put in toast which caused the fire alarm to go off. I don't understand why but she left the flat for a second and the door shut on her. The key was inside. Lucky for her, not so much for us, we were a floor below. This girl has one mighty hand. I have never heard someone bang so hard on a door at the same time screaming. I mean seriously we were sure the whole city of London was on fire.

But don't worry it was just burnt toast.

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michaelgbrown51 said...

Sweetheart - I loved your three entries and you have such a great writing style. Please give my love to Nae and boys. What are your plans? We had a great visit from Bean and Hezo last night and then Daniel and family came by. David video taped everything so we'll get you a copy. Bean was very hesitant go to anyone but his Mom so Bryan worked her best magic and he was willing to go to everyone. I love and miss you, dad