Thursday, 15 October 2009

I deserve It

Before I explain what I deserve and why, I just want to update you all that I found out my boss was married to a prince from Saudi Arabia or some place like that. She is strange and not into Americans. I respect that.

I just decided that I deserve 1,000,000 dollars. And I have good reasoning, also.

1. I would give at least 40,000 to various charities.

2. I would buy all those I love an I-phone or something sweet like that.

3. I would still clean my own room and not hire a maid (but I would probably buy the softer toilet paper, that stuff is nice.)

4. I would give nicer gifts at Christmas time.

5. I would travel the world and give out free tooth brushes to the homeless people I see-that is not something you see everyday.

6. I would fly my family (including myself of course) to hang out with the cast of glee and probably be on the show because two amazing things in the same room can only make the world more amazing, Thanks to me!

7. I would get personalized singing lessons. Then when I was amazing I would put on 1/2 priced concerts. Once again saving others money.

8. Probably start a clothing line and NOT hire Irina from Project Runway because frankly I don't like her. I would probably hire someone else like . . . well someone who is nice and makes me cute dresses. This would help others be more fashionable for a fantastic price!

9. I would not spoil my future children and they would still have to do their chores. Especially the dishes I can't stand doing the dishes! Ug.

10. I would occasionally and probably very rarely drop ten dollar bills on the cement. Everyone loves finding money on the streets.

See, It makes perfect sense why I should be awarded a million dollars. Something I see people wasting everyday buying useless things like soap and I would use the money so much better than them!

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reagysam said...

You are the strangest ever.