Sunday, 4 October 2009


Friday night I finished work just before midnight in downtown DC. This is how the next 12 hours went down.

midnight- Friend needs a ride home from work cause her A word boyfriend was drunk. Drive her to Maryland.

12:30am- Arrive home to Virginia.

1am- Drive back to Maryland to save friend. Friend calls it quits with lame dude, packs up bags, moves out.

2am- Back in Virginia.


am-Friend buys flight home for Texas. Flight leaves in 4 hours.

12pm-A word wants to try and make it work again (for like the 18th time) drive to Maryland.

1pm- Back in Virginia.

4pm- Back in DC for work. All is well.

I credit this adventure all to A word and gasoline. I only appreciate one.


Katherine said...

Holy cow! Who is this girl? Haha... man that is crazy. You are a really good friend.

Irene said...

bahahha don't you love being about to drive back and forth between states like it's your job.

&katherine is accurate in her statement, you are a good friend.