Thursday, 8 October 2009

My Life

One of my three jobs out here in DC is an acupuncturist's assistant. No I don't help her poke people (lets just clear that up right now.) This is my boss Tracy Hackett. She looks like a normal ordinary person, right?

WRONG!! This lady had the craziest stories ever. Every time I work for her I am filled with romantic tales about her lover in Egypt, or the man whom she broke his heart or else he would have been disowned from his family ( this all happened when she was living back in his home country in some where like Saudi Arabia.) Or how about the story of how her boyfriend Skip from Florida was jealous of her previous love with this Arabian man and so he joined her on her next travel to the Arabian land only to stop her from seeing her old lover. I know it is all very complicated and quite hard to explain. Actually it is quite hard to understand, as well.

I know what you are thinking, she is making this all up. This woman couldn't really live such a life. But the thing is it just fits her. She wouldn't be the crazy amazing Tracy Hackett I know, if she didn't have this craziness leaping from her.


The little married mormon girl who is really sticking out in this city.


d. said...

You should just tell her about your Italian adventures. I bet she would be jealous of the horse race you were in!

Kylee said...

i believe you and her. and i want a boss just like her!

Katherine said...

That is seriously awesome.

Lindsey & Kaleb said...

Hey Reags!
I love the blog. Your adventures are always so fun to read about. I saw Brian yesterday and when she saw me she kissed my veeeeeery round belly. Of course I had total flash back of you always kissin stuff and speaking the language of love to people so I had to say hi. I hope everything is going well!
Love ya Reago!
-Lindsey Lou