Sunday, 20 November 2011

I Love Visitors!

Spur of the moment decision for Kath and Darci to join us last weekend in the city. I love sharing San Francisco, especially with people like these people who really appreciate it.

First of all we walked downtown and shared them where we work.

Went to the top of Sam's building.

Went out to the piers and walked around the Farmer's market. Look at this awesome Candid shot Andrea (Sam's cousin) took.

She also got this awesome shot of Daren (another cousin), who lives here in San Francisco with us.

And this amazing, confusing candid of Katherine. Poor Kathy.

This happens to be where we ran into Paul Walker with his 14 daughter, just shopping along side of us on Haight.

I llllove SF. (Almost as much as I hate the Breaking Dawn movie that just came out.)

This is me and Kath just gossiping out front of Daren's girlfriends AMAZING place. She lives on the top of Russian Hill.

And this is the amazing view from Daren's girlfriends apartment.

It was an awesome weekend.

Love and Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


kim said...

super jealous right now.

Bryan said...

you better show me a good time

Pants said...

I'm with Kim on this one.