Wednesday, 30 November 2011

MUCCCCCCChhhhhhhhhhooo Thankfulllll


Rollerblading in Golden Gate Park Thanksgiving morning.

There was so much joy that even when I fell down wet cement stairs I felt happy!

The boys played flag football and then Leigh joined in (she had been aching all morning to play). She had a ridiculous amount of falls, leaps, jumps and no ball contact at all. She put on quite the show. I don't even know if the guys realized she was on the field.

My new birthday coat.

Thanksgiving dinner in Chinatown.

One of my favorite pictures of bryDyl of all time.

I miss em so much!
(I have a million more pictures but I can't get pictures off my camera so it's your lucky day)

k. bye.


Jourdan said...

This post made me soooo happy! I had giggly watering eyes through the entire thing. Thanks for fillin' us in! What a fun fun thanksgiving!

Hoggey Bears said...

YOU'RE hott!

kim said...

Total happiness!! I love everything about you guys!!