Monday, 21 February 2011

Bicicletas, La Manga, y Una Fiesta

A few days ago we decided to go biking into the city to have a look around. We ended up biking through the city and out the other side where we found a cool trail. The sun happened to be setting, which contributed to a great evening.

My lovely lady. She hates in when I make her pose for pictures, but she does anyway because she loves me.

I love this picture. Along the path there were a bunch of lemon and orange trees. With the sun setting, it was remarkably nice on the eyes.

We met a young Brazilian couple at church who recently moved here to teach English. Their names are Valerio and Thais. They invited us over for an FHE with the sister missionaries. I gave the opening prayer and pulled the classy move of expressing thanks for Valerio and ... his wife ... for having us over. I totally couldn't remember how to pronounce Thais' name. Afterwards we played monopoly and Reagan dominated. I was the worst performer by a wide margin.

The next day we hopped on a bus with them to go visit a place called "La Manga." It's this really narrow stretch of land that incloses a piece of the Mediterranean in a body of water called the Mar Menor. The part we went to was probably only 100-200 yards wide with beach on both sides. It was pretty rad. Unfortunately, because it's considered winter time, the place felt kinda like a deserted island (even though it is 65 degrees out).

We ate lunch at a little pizzeria on the La Manga. I love this picture. I've always wondered what I'd look like if I put on 100 lbs. Now we all know.

After La Manga, we showed up an hour and a half late to this little girls (3rd) party. Luckily we're in Spain and nothing ever starts sooner than 2 hours late. The poor little one was sick and crying the whole time so neither her nor her mother was able to enjoy it. The food totally kicked butt.

One of Reagan's favorite things about Spain is the old people. They always hang out together and chat and go on walks, but not just with their spouses. You can always see a pair of old men walking down the street chatting about who knows what. The two oldies on the right are Reagan's faves.


Katherine said...

-Oh man, I love this so much!
-At least you still look good chubby Sammy.
-That sunset is beautiful.
-It's nice you've met people you you can chill in English with... or is that common?
-I love that old people hang there!!! They should do that here, that way they would never get lonely. We should organize a club for "oldies" in SB or something... then they can have friends, talk about the good old days and crud.

Miss you guys!

Reags said...

It's not that common to find people that speak a lot of English. We totally got lucky.

GP on the SB club.

btw... this is Sam not Reagan.

Jane Ann Fosson said...

I love you both, and I laughed really hard when I read this post. You basically rock. Maybe when we get old we can move to Spain. Keep the party going!

Kelsey said...

Gorge yous guys. Gorge.