Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Boston Bean Time

It's Bean time in Boston! We're visiting Cale and Heather for a few days before heading across the Atlantic. We're a little worried about being able to leave though because it looks like this outside, and it's still coming down.

We're used to snow in Utah, but out here there's no where to put the snow. It's piled up in huge mounds on the sides of the road, and the piles just keep growing. In some parts of the city they have to haul the snow out in huge dump trucks.

Bean's been as wild as always. Here's one of Heather and Bean's daily ritual of brushing his teach.

Bean had to get a shot at the doctor's yesterday. He cried a little, but after it was over he yelled, "I did it! I'm so proud of Bean-Bean!" I love it when it talks in third person.

Afterward we went to Cosco. Upon arriving, Heather discovered Bean had peed through his diaper and all his clothes were wet, so she went in and bought his a new little track suit for $20 (I love cosco). I don't know if it was the track suit or the pent up energy from being in the doctor's office for too long, but he put on this little show. His running form amazes me.

Yesterday we went to visit a Harvard and MIT. We walked across the bridge from Harvard Business School to Harvard Square, and the river was frozen solid.

We went on a little audio tour of HBS. That place rocks. Below is a pic of the library.


Christa said...

fun fun. It looks freezing! I love the commentary on the video. He is Adorable! Seriously so stinkin cute!

Katherine said...

LOVE this post! Love Bean running, he is to die for!

I miss you guys, which means I want to punch you in the faces... medium hard!