Thursday, 24 February 2011

That's so American

The family has been asking us to cook for them typical American food. . . HELLO! What is typical American food? . . . um . . . how about every single culture's food combined. Besides apple pie and hamburgers I felt like American cuisine doesn't exist.

Then Sam got this bright idea and was all like "I know! Lets make them grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup ."

Me being someone who loves to cook and makes things fancy and pretty was all like, " You can make them that, but that is not my idea- who likes tomato soup?"

And he was all like, "Fine, I will do it myself- it will be just from me."

And me being the typical hottie brat type responded, "you do that."

It was an epic moment in both of our lives.

So in an effort to contribute I made brown sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

Trying to convert a recipe into European measurements and covert it to there oven is not cool! Also trying to find the right american ingredients isn't easy- I had to use this weird brown sugar.

Oh, but wait, here is where my brattish nature is proven wrong. Sam ended up doing this amazing homemade tomato soup and used mozzarella and spanish ham with an olive oil, garlic glaze on his sandwiches. It really was amazing and I would eat it for any meal. They all worshiped the ground he walked on afterwards, seriously. I worship that ground the most though, even with my brattish natural tendencies. (but i am one of the hot brats so it makes it okay).

On a side note this is us shopping for the groceries for the rock hard core awesome dinner, and here is Sam helping to teach English in the classroom of Isabel.

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Katherine said...

Sam, your hair is really good btw.

I had grilled cheese twice this weekend... what? I don't care. I decided I really love it! I don't care how chubby it might make me! Good meal choice, the creation sounds amazing!

Oh, and bring back that little girl when you come home. Thanks

Like you guys.