Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Murcia, Spain - First Week

"WaSsAp?" - this was the first store we saw in Murcia when we arrived at the bus station. Love it.
Here's a picture of a Plaza in downtown Murcia.

This is the Murcia Cathedral. The tower in the back is a huge clock tower that you can see from anywhere in the city. Construction of the cathedral started in 1396, but wasn't finished until 1780.

Another picture of the cathedral.

You wouldn't expect it, but this is a house - grandma's house.

There are fields of orange trees all around Murcia, but also lots of wild ones that grow in the city. We saw this one on the way to church.

Dipping churros in hot chocolate is apparently a traditional Spanish dessert, and it's delicious. The hot chocolate is more like a thin chocolate pudding.

We took an afternoon trip to Alicante, which is a city about an hour away. It looks a lot like Santa Barbara, except for the huge castle on a hill (not pictured) and the cathedral.

Our tour guides. We're staying with Isabel (left) and her husband Borja. Aida (right) is Isabel's sister and was visiting from Rome.

We're having a blast!


Jane Ann Fosson said...

Murcia looks amazing! I'm so glad you guys got there safely and that you have a nice family to live with. Isn't it amazing when our dreams just work out?! Love you guys!

Bryan said...

I'm glad you're having fun. Keep the posts coming or else your can guarantee wedgies for a week when you get back

Katherine said...

so magical!

Dad brown said...

What a grand adventure! Love your blog & you two.