Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cartagena y La Nena

Welcome to the beautiful city of Cartegena! This is a famous port city that the Carthage empire operated out of during the Punich Wars against the Romans. It is super beautiful and a very clean city.

Hello naked man, how you doing just chillin? Are you enjoying your view? I sure am. Cool, catch you later. (Lucky duck).

We packed a picnic and came and sat at the harbor together. It really was beautiful.

This was the first submarine ever, built in Spain in 1888. Wohoo

Now here are a few pictures of Ana from the weekend. This first one is of Ana and her friend that we met up with in Cartegena. The Spanish sure know how to dress their kids. Since most people here only have one or two kids they spend tons of money are their children's clothes. For example for Ana's second birthday her mom bought her an outfit with shoes, bow, and jacket, and dress all costing over 200 euros. This outfit isn't that outfit but I just thought I would tell ya. O and seriously that girls bonnet . . . nice.

Caught trying on Sam's shoes.

We had Thais and Valerio over for games and a dinner on Saturday night and Ana loved Thais! I know she isn't expressing it on her face but see means it inside.

Lastly, I just need to share this picture I took of abuela's (that mean grandma) table. She asked Sam for my dad's information the first week we were here incase we got hurt or were in trouble for any reason. Abuela is exactly how you would describe a spanish grandma. She is continually checking up on us, asking if we are being safe, giving us advice, has funny comments, and constantly serving us and trying to get me to put on enough layers to stay warm. She has made me put on her sweater a few times. In case any of you were worried that we aren't safe, abuela will calm your worries. (Oh, and that is a picture of her when she was young and a baby picture of Ana.)


Lauren said...

naked dude is hot. so are all your repeat clothes.

Jane Ann Fosson said...

You guys are too fun! I love your adventures and that you have an abuela looking out for you. Heaven knows that you need it:). Mucho d'amour! (I don't know if that is really Spanish, but it will do).

Katherine said...

Totally into abuela.

p.s. Don't come back without Ana. Whaaaa... she is amazing!

Christa said...

wow wish I could blow 200 on an outfit for Autumn. No but they really do dress their kids well...both girls so cute! Ana is adorable! You must be having so much fun fun fun