Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sam is 90 and loving it!!

For Sam's birthday we bought tickets to Valencia because there was a huge celebration going on there. But then the night before we would have left we canceled our bus tickets and decided to spend his birthday in Murcia. We realized we didn't want to spend 8 hours of his birthday on a bus. We started celebrating Sam's birthday Friday at midnight with some Tapas at the local bar and some classy games of BS. We taught BS to our friends and we have probably played about 30 rounds of it since. That game gets us all laughing so hard 'cause we all really stink at lying. Must be the Mormon in us.

The following morning we headed straight to the grocery store (Carrefour, which I think is a french chain store . . . Jane Ann?) and bought the necessities for a picnic. The grocery store was packed to the brim. March 19th in Spain is Father's day and lots of stores close on that day, and since this grocery store was still open, the store was spilling over with spaniards. Crazy spaniards.

Then we headed out on our biking exploration along the river.

And guess who we happened to see . . . just my favorite animal the CAMEL!! He was preparing for his big performance in the nearby circus. Such a good dude.

Yes those are high-rise pants. No I am not pregnant even though it looks like it. And yes I am eating fresh strawberries. They are so cheap and so delicious here. Go strawberries.

Here is the list of things Sam decided he wanted to do for his birthday. So this day was set aside to accomplishing that list. And boy, were we successful.

(Sam is shimming here.)

This is us trying something new. It is called a lazo. (but the people here pronounce it latho, because of their weird theta.) It was actually kinda gross.

Then back to our friends for some more BS and a loonnngggg game of monopoly.

The next day we had ALL our friends over (2) and celebrated Sam birthday the right way with candles, hugs, and Ana stealing all of Sam's attention.

Happy birthday Hot Stuff you rock my world.


Jane Ann Fosson said...

I can't imagine anyone who I would want to plan my birthday list more than Reagan. My favorites from the list are the swear word not on the record, throwing away a shirt, and playing cards. What a fun day! You guys are so funny. I think often of my world travelers and all of the fun adventures you are having. SO HAPPY for you!! And I'm glad that Sam had an awesome multi-day celebration of his birthday. Love you both!

Whitlie said...

Happy 90th Birthday Sam!

Christa said...

Love the birthday to-do list. And love the picture of you with the camels. Hot Shades. :)

p.s. my nephews pants fell off on the flo rider everytime we went...it was pretty funny.

Katherine said...

okay, that list is like the cutest thing ever! i love you humans. i want to do everything you're doing... it's hurting my guts!

Bryan said...

looks like you only got one of the things done (one thing checked). I hardly doubt you gave yourself a swirly...but if you did...EVIDENCE

Lauren said...

That mullet is getting amazing.

Katie Mae said...

I want to see a picture of you getting a swirly!

mgb dad said...

What a great way to follow what two globe trotters are doing. The picture of Sam playing a lame board game reminded me that we can have some intense Dominion when he returns. Reagan you look so happy and it is fun seeing you experience new places. Love you two, dad