Tuesday, 29 March 2011

On to Sevilla!

O Hi! Welcome to Sevilla. We took a bus to Sevilla that was 8 1/2 hours and went through the night, so we arrived in the city at 6:15 a.m. (in case your wondering why we look so tired in some of the pictures, that's why)

This is the Cathedral. It's the largest gothic cathedral in the world.

So this is us watching the sun rise above the Cathedral.

This castle looking thing is called the Alcazar. It's filled will small palaces and gardens and was built by the Moors.

These are beautiful flamenco dresses. We wanted to dance all night in the flamenco outfits. We just wanna fit in.

There were building this huge construction cover over the middle of the city, we weren't sure what it was.

A fresh fruit market that goes on daily. These markets are in most of the cities and they are in the same area that they had the markets hundreds of years ago.

The remains of the old city wall. One side is the old town and the other side is big highways and ugliness.

"O hi, we are just sitting on the city wall enjoying ourselves. You're welcome to join us."

Sam thought this bridge was cool because it used those cords and leverage to hold it up.

Okay this part rocks. See that old dude working out? Yea, me too. All along the river there were these little park areas with exercise machinery just build into the dirt. You didn't have to pay to use them. It was basically like an playground for adults. Weird, but cool.

See that garden up in the sky, cool huh. Don't know what it is for, but it is cool.

Torre de Oro.

This is the plaza de Espana. It was huge!

Look how sweet the floor of the plaza is, I loved it.

All along the outside of the plaza were these art thingies that told stories of different cities' histories.

We ended the day with some helado before we caught the bus to our next adventure/city.


Jourdan said...

what happened to the kissing pic on your side bar? it was HOT.

Also, I think you guys are the coolest evah. Sometimes i wish the timing would have been so that we could be young-marrieds together! How much fun you guys have together! This experience will give you mounds and mounds of memories to linger on for the future.

LOVE AND MISS YOU! (ps. when will you be back?! I'm doing RAGNAR WITH YOU AGAIN!)

Christa said...

haha what did sam say that he wasn't supposed to on the video? What a fun city! it made me want a huge ice cream cone. mmmm.