Friday, 11 March 2011

Sunday Stroll

On Sunday we went for a little stroll in the park and had lunch. The lunch part was less than enjoyable thanks to a little dog that kept trying to eat our food. Isabel (the mother) was adamant that she needed to share the food with the starving dog, which of course led for an afternoon of pestering. I don't mean to start off so negatively, but I just don't really like dogs. (sorry to dog lovers; I've had a lot of bad experiences)

After lunch, when the dog left us alone, we had a great time. Here's one of Isabel, Borja, and the dangling Ana.
Reagan and Ana having a blast; Ana LOVES Reagan.
Ana's impression of Sloth from the class film "The Goonies." I think she's pretty good at it.

Borja and Isabel got married in this church (the park is right behind it). It sits up on a hill overlooking the city. Totally awesome. We actually went inside for part of the service until Ana flipped out because we wouldn't let her go up by the priest.
Cool old car next too what looks to have been a tomb of some sort.

I know, we're total scrubs.

Me, looking over the valley pondering the important things in life.
My beautiful girlfriend... well I guess she's my wife now, so my beautiful ex-girlfriend...
A wonderful sunset to end a great day.


Katherine said...

I like how Reagan and you are wearing the same outfit. Awesome.

Christa said...

i don't like dogs either... reags your a hot ex-girlfriend