Monday, 7 March 2011

Hi, from Granada!

So, we headed to Granada this past weekend. This city is seweet! The Moors, an Arab people, controlled the much of Spain for a few centuries, and Grenada was the last city taken back by the Spaniards. On top of a hill in the city there's this place called the Alhambra. It was the place for the Arab royalty with their palaces and gardens and hanging out places . . . You know where the cool kids hung. Okay so this post is full of pictures that probably just look like a bunch of old brick and stuff, but when we were there it looked a lot cooler than I could capture on camera. Deal with it. This city was very beautiful though, very green and lots of beautiful color. It also had delicious food which was a plus for me!

The Alhambra

This is Thais and Valerio. It was Valerio's birthday and so we celebrated it together. I always tell Thais that she is an African goddess. That is what her name makes me think of. I don't think she likes it though.

(Note from Sam: Reagan totally wasn't into me in this picture)

We went shopping on the streets but pretty much all the gift shops in Spain sell the same things: aprons, bags, magnets, that kind of nonsense, but we did find one piece of gold in all our shopping (find at end of post).

We went to this funny looking restaurant and got Kebab sandwiches. On one side of us was a lesbian couple that kept kissing and on the other was a gay couple that was cuddling. I guess we gotta get used to it before San Francisco. Also, Valerio convinced the waiter to give him a free dessert for his birthday. It was delicioso.

Okay this was the worst. These women kept coming up to us and trying to get us to buy a little stick of rosemary. They basically stood infront of you and put it in your hands and then would follow after you until you gave them money. If you wouldn't buy it they would tell the guys that they are bad men and should buy them for us. They seriously grabbed our arms to try and stop us to buy their stupid rosemary. Rosemary sucks.

O hi! I am just a random, beautiful orange tree growing in the middle of the city next to super old building. I know you love me.

This random old home had a for sale sign in it's window-cooool.

I know it looks like they are just walking down the hill but really they were walking up the hill backwards. Valerio thought it was easier, he has a weird brain.

These are the beauties we bought. Don't be jealous of Sam's pants hangin' to the flo'.

Granada also had this huge mountain that people travel for boarding and skiing, I think it is the only place that gets snow for hundreds of miles around. Sam's pants rock, Granada rocks, Spain rocks and love rocks.


Christa said...

well those pants are a piece of gold. wow. crazy! So fun! I love this adventure of yours.

Jane Ann Fosson said...

WE wanted so badly to go to Granada, but alas, we couldn't make it there. I loved the pictures, and the pants are a treasure--literally, I think you look like a pirate looking for treasure. Love you both!

Devin said...

I am pretty sure Sam promised me a nasty Euro mullet...

Reags said...

Yea, well Lauren promised me we would be sunbathing on the beaches of Greece together, sometimes the world is cruel.