Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What the Cadiz?

Having successfully toured Sevilla, we spend the next day in Cadiz. We stayed with my sister Kim's friend Marti (who totally rocks and we'll talk about more in the next post). Her and her husband live in Rota, which is just across the bay from Cadiz, so we hopped on a ferry in the morning.

Saying goodbye to Rota, the ferry took about 30 minutes.

Reagan looking hecka excited as we pull into the port.

Catedral Nueva. We really liked how bright and happy this one was. Most look so dark and
gloomy, but this one reminded us more of a temple.

You can't really tell from the pick, but this one is of a permanent market where locals sell food. Around the outside there are a few dozen fruit stands and all the meat is on the inside. Super cool.

There's nothing that Reagan loves more than a market, especially if it means fresh strawberries.

At the highest point in the city there's a tower called Torre Tevira where you can get a 360 degree of the city. It was by far our favorite part. The do a little presentation inside the tower where they use this funky technology to reflect an image of the city onto a screen on a table. Everyone stands around it as they explain different parts of the city. It was weird because it looks like a still picture, but then you see birds flying around and people walking on the streets. The view from on top of the tower, as you can see, was awesome.

I bought those shades for a few euros on the street.

Reagan made me put this one up. I was trying to block a picture she was taking, but just ended up looking like a ______. You can fill in the blank.

Reagan attempting to do a jumping picture. Though her athletic ability looks less than impressive in this picture, I assure you that she can jump higher than 3 inches.

We had to include a round of helados.

And we liked them so much we had another round. (check out that hair - impressive, if I may say so myself)

Though we say this after every city we visit, Cadiz has been our favorite so far.


Lauren said...

please tell me that you guys are AT LEAST getting really fat, so I can feel better about not being there?

Christa said...

Reags you're a cutie. I love your red shoes and I want some. I also want some strawberries and ice cream.

Bryan said...

In case you were wondering it's only 20 days until we're in the same country!!!! SEE YOU IN ITALY SUCKAS!!!!