Thursday, 15 May 2008

Bliss . . .

Hmm, can it be so astounding. How is it that all this art was done thousands of years ago and it still standing perfectly today. My professor seems to know a lot about each piece so I have a tendency to follow her around the museums and chapels. I feel like a leech but I think she accepts me for who I am. We have been seeing a lot of Baroque art and buildings. It is beautiful and really captures the eye. It expresses intense emotion and could really entertain you for hours. It is so different then our churchs, which helps to show the focus of the differing beliefs. It was such a contrast for me to spend one day in a simple building with a variety of people sharing testimony and than the next to be surrounded by breath taking art and to hear loud voices everywhere. Each appeal to a different audience. For some reason it just more displays for me the truthfulness of our church.

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