Friday, 9 May 2008

Roman Life

Yes i am alive. I think everyone should know that Italy is amazing and accepts all types of people. Everyone here would feel accepted. This is about what you have missed out on. I have been talking a pretty poor Italian with my patient Italians in such places like the Colosseo, in Assissi, Pompeii, and in many cute pizzerias. For example yesterday I wanted to order foccacca for lunch and the woman working there spoke NO english. And I really don’t speak ANY Italian but we compromised, using hand sign language and me putting down some pretty intensive Italian one-sylabel-words. And the outcome: a great lunch with molti cheese!! The best part of my Italian attempts is at dinner. When the waiters come around to our table at the hotel dinner area, we try and tell them jokes in Italian. They laugh, not because of the joke, but more out of our attempt to speak Italian. Luckily they are patient. I even challenged my waiter by cheering on the opposing soccer team for the area. He wouldn’t serve me dinner after that. I think you all would be astounded at the beauty I get to see everyday. I don’t think it is fair that Italy has sucked all the beauty into their country and left us with driedness. rude. The landscape and homes are so enchanting, which brings up another point. All the girls here, in the study abroad, mainly talk about the movie enchanted and sing the songs all, day, long! Anyways back to the beauty. Another beautiful aspect is the language. I just can’t get over it. Please everyone come over here and see this amazing place.

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Bryan said...

Alright, alright! You have convinced me, I'll come. Does the end of June sound okay? Well even if it doesn't too bad, because I'M THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me know you live.