Saturday, 3 May 2008

Dance Party

I joined the London Study Abroad for a Singles Ward Dance. It was off the eezy!! I danced so hard that today i was sore, yea believe it. These are just a couple of the friends i made. So probably half the people there were BYU students but everyone there was partying like we were in London, which we totally were. I learned a couple new sweet dance moves, was able to practice my accents with some authentic brits and best of all made a complete fool of myself, and here is how.
So there was about 5 black guys doing this dance they all knew together in the front while everyone was watching them. I totally wanted to learn their dance and they seemed like everlasting friends so i went up and joined them. So picture 5 pretty big dudes breaking it down and a white chick (accompanied by her white friend Whit) trying to keep up. Not a pretty picture. Eventually i told myself everyone in the audience was annoyed by my exceptional moves and i raced to the back of the chapel, only to continue dancing next to my new British posy.
The night was a absolute bliss!

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