Thursday, 15 May 2008

Nightly Adventures

It seems this study abroad group is getting more and more comfortable with one another. Cinzia has become all of our second moms (giving me hugs occasionally when I am feeling in need of a mother) and I think I have gained a few more sisters. We all stay up late each night sharing interesting romance stories and awkward moments. But my favorite night so far has been the night when I was chilling with my roommates and two of the guys dropped in to my room to chat. As I was getting into bed I asked them to tuck me, since my mom wasn’t here to. Weirdly they took it as a challenge and tucked me in harder than necessary. After becoming a cocoon I said, “wow if you had a rope around my top and legs there is no way I would be able to get out.” Instantly they both reached down and ripped off their belts and tightened me in. They said, “get out of that one.” Challenge accepted. As quickly as I could I shimmied off the bed and bounced to the door. After opening the door I tripped and rammed my head into the neighbors door, but didn’t stop there. I slid as far as a could to my friends hotel room but right before I reached her door the two boys had throw me back into my bed. I have made some eternal friends.

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Bryan said...

oh ha ha ha! That is so funny Reagy! I'm glad you're confident enough with yourself to share that story with the world wide web. Also there is only 27 days until I see you and then can we have some nightly adventures? LOVE!