Thursday, 1 May 2008

An Interesting Night

So last night as i was sitting in the living room of our flat i pulled out a cook book and started scanning if for interesting recipes. In my search for a delicious snack i discovered Brits are pretty funny. They constantly use words like rubbish and poppycock (well not really poppycock) in their recipes. So my new ambition is to be a British chef. I feel cut out for the job as soon as a get a little practice with my lingo yo.

Secondly in the middle of the night around, say 2 am, i was watching a BYU ward member named secretcrushjason (thanks to Carly) doing back flips on skates. We were all skating together but he seemed to be the one with all the talent. So nonchalantly i attempted this fascinating trick and surprised my whole ward with ultimate success and a perfect landing. When i woke up i decided i can now thank my grandparents for the fourth grade ice skating lessons and add ice skating that to my future career as well as a chef. I just can't wait to tell the boys back home.

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