Saturday, 24 May 2008

Rain Rain, you ruined our day

We got into Siena Saturday afternoon. The night was perfect. First we went grocery shopping and than of course ate gelato. We all planned to meet at the Piazza at 8:30 the following morning for church. As suspected, my two roommates and I awoke at 8:35. I booked it down to the Piazza to tell the group we were coming. When I got there they gave me directions to the church and Tommy gave me his cell phone just in case then they headed on their way. When I finally met up with the girls we attempted to follow the simple directions. we were having trouble. Once it hit 9:15 and we had declared ourselves lost the weather made us pay the consequence. Within seconds we were under a full sheet of rain.
And it kept raining, and raining, and well I think you get it. We spent an hour in that pouring rain until we heard a little buzzing in my purse and we realized I had been given a phone. Oops. Well if you want to know we did make it . . . about an 1 ½ hours passed 9. O and I think I forgot to mention as soon as we took our seats in Sunday school the skies were clear.

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Lace said...

Reags, whats up? SO I see you have a blog, and I have been reading about your adventures. Awesome. Hope you are having a great time!