Monday, 12 May 2008

Eternally Roman

So I guess while in Rome I can’t upload pictures, so I will just have to wait until Siena. One week. But please let me inform you there is much to see and tell. Every person our professor selected for this group is amazingly unique. It seems that everyone gets along really well and each had their own unique story. So I totally fit in. Today we got to see the beautiful grounds at the Villa in Tivoli. There was many fontane (fountains) each one had significant meaning or representation. We all secretly wanted to swim in them but I think we might have scared the people of Italy, and believe me being individual is not something my group has a problem doing. After that we returned for dinner at the hotel and by dessert one of the boys in our group had the waiters sitting down at our tables and was serving them. We don’t really know how it all came about. The night was than spent with us all crammed in my bedroom and sharing out first kiss stories. It is interesting how from a simple first kiss story you can really get to know a person. But the best part of the night was after everyone had gone to bed and I ran down stairs to try and see if I could get on the internet. Down there I saw a few kids in the program talking to one of the waiters at the restaurant about the gospel. He was thoroughly interested and was asking intriguing questions. He told us he doesn’t smoke or drink and was interested in a Book of Mormon. How perfect.
In my honest opinion I think Italy could be ranked as #1 in all competitions. Just challenge it, and you will see.

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